This is just a small selection of the 1,200 photos I took!!!! I know it sounds a lot but really, it's only 50 per day - which is nothing to remember a holiday of a lifetime by!


a town in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan famous for it's painted merchants houses or havelis

I think this painting advertising the most popular whiskey in India is more down to Scottish colonials like my Grandpa than the merchants though!

The local grain and spice market


A house painted with a train or car showed the wealth of it's owner

local women going to a wedding - it was the wedding season in Rajasthan while we were there so we saw lots of colourful scenes


A building decorated with dancing girls

Tommy with his posse - the local DJ ready for a wedding - they blare out music all night long so you have to hope you have a reasonably soundproof room!


this is an important pilgrimage town and has the only temple dedicated to Brahma. It is famous for it's annual camel fair.

Tommy and Shankar our driver enjoying roadside parathas


View from the Pushkar Palace Hotel across the lake

The Brahma Temple - the only one in India

a groom riding a white horse to his wedding


monkeys at the temple


this was one of the greatest places we stayed - the town was fascinating and had no tourists so was hassle free and we stayed in a place called Castle Bijaipur where the Prince asked if he could join us for after dinner drinks - it was absolutely charming - plus we were the only guests at the castle so could play at being maharaja and maharani


A wedding in the village outside the castle


on the maharini's swing!


temple detail

a typically overpacked Rajasthani bus!

our room mates at Castle Bijaipur!

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