Kirsty's Birthdays and Parties Pics Page   


Allie, Lenny and me at Sarah and Neil Coe's wedding!










At the Leadmill with the Rotherham Girls




Ed, Chris and Kirsty - 2002 in Pad Thai


Sarah, Anna and me!


My Animal Skin party, Jan 2001


With Mary at the Leadmill


Me, Tommy and Anna in Insomnia, Singapore, Christmas 2003


With Julie at George's birthday at Igors, 1999 


On a boat in HK harbour for the Millennium, with Christina, George and Adrian


Paula, Lenny and me!


Silver boots from mine and Alison's silver party 2002









With Pixie and Katie at Tommy's 30th


Lenny's birthday 1998


Rob and Gina's wedding

My 30th Birthday, in Sheffield


Birthday 2000 with Ed and Erin - at my animal skin party!


With Dad and Paula on my 30th birthday


In Manchester with Lenny and Estee


New Years eve with Sarah and Glynn


The Millennium with Adrian and George









In Singapore with Harry and Sarah


Kirsty and Alex celebrating Mary's birthday 2001


Alison, Ruth, me, Karen and Heather in our sparkly silver!


Ed and his girls at the HKFC rugby ball 2001


Table dancing in Beijing!


Kirsty and Sarah!



Kirsty and Anna in Singapore


Kirsty and Tommy with Richard and Yvonne









With George and Adrian, Igors for G's birthday 1999


Shuba and me at my 30th!










Hayley and me at a KCC ball









Shuba and Kirsty ready to party, Richmond Park, 1995!!










Mary's birthday 2001


Animal Skin party 2001


Kirsty and Anna











The Millennium!









Animal skins again!!


Tommy's 30th - Tommy and his girls!


Pixie's Hen Night - me, Pix and Gina outside Carnegies - classy!!


Paula, Lenny and me again!


With Adrian S


With Ed and Chris at my silver party!











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