Kirsty's work sites Summer 2005

A few pictures for all those of you who aren't very sure what I do for a living!!

Some shots from my site in the Philippines I was supervising a large due diligence site investigation carrying out drilling and augering for soil and groundwater contamination.


Pics from my landfill site in Hong Kong - it's HUGE and I've been surveying at the rock face on scaffolding over the vast majority of the slopes you can see. Basically any rock you can see on the pictures has been surveyed by me and my team (of one other staff member!).  The base level keeps being lowered which makes it deeper and deeper. The middle pic below shows the final blast to fracture the rock to excavate down to the very base level.




Some pics from some of my sites in China (which Tommy also works on). For this project I get to grass on nasty contractors dumping stuff in streams as you can see in one of the pics below, however, the pictures will also show you that streams in China are not very nice to start with!!! Also note the one of a contractor cleaning my boots!!! I could not believe it!!!



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