Kirsty and Tommy in 2007   

Well, as usual, it was a busy year...















and stayed in classy hotels with special "Know you bird" romantic wipes for men and women!












There were 6 month old koala twins - the first born in captivity in 40 years!




complete with drumming

firecracker smoke going up in the village


A very strange Alien landing pad was built right outside our apartment....

In July we went to Hainan, where Kirsty had a fish pedicure/massage (as seen on Ugly Betty) - it was slightly bizarre!








Tommy finished work with B&V in Guangzhou at the end of August






Saffron surrounded by packing boxes - she was not impressed by the whole move!


In late November we had our first Abu Dhabi visitors - Tommy's sister Joanne and boyfriend Will.

All 3 of us went to the Dubai rugby 7's

Tommy's Mum came to visit in December

The New Year started sailing down the Pearl River and in an Irish pub with Anna staying with us

We then all took a trip up to Beijing, where it was minus 15 degrees!



The girls all then took a trip to HK




In late January, Kirsty and Saffron took a 10 day trip to the UK and Ireland to see family and go to Kathryn and Dave's wedding


Then it was Kirsty and Saffron's birthdays








Chinese New Year - the year of the pig - saw lion dances and flower markets in abundance


We did lots of trips round Guangdong province in the spring

and we went to the HK wetland park - the first environmental project Kirsty worked on in HK.




In March we went to Singapore and caught up with a load of old friends at Harry and Mimi's wedding celebrations

and Saffron also learnt all about split loyalties!







In May we had a family trip to the UK where we met our new niece Louise (left, with Rebecca and Saffron), and new nephew Ashton (right, with Leah)

and Kirsty went to Sarah's 3 part hen night/weekend!

And we all went to Sarah and Rob's wedding in Sheffield Botanical Gardens


Back in Guangzhou we visited Chimelong safari park - which was a million times better than we expected a zoo to be in China!






The village where we live hosted a crazy week long dragon boat festival

boat coming out of the firecracker smoke

Boats all coming up the Pearl River


We went to see Manchester United play Guangzhou Pharmaceutical

In August, before leaving China we used up our airmiles and went to Japan for 5 days. Took so many photos though that it requires a separate page - it was a fab holiday!

Click here

Saffron went to the office to help him clear out his stuff....

At the start of September we celebrated Colin and Juan's recent wedding with them in Guangzhou, and Kirsty and Tommy went to Lucy and Luke's wedding at the Hong Kong Club and made it our final weekend in HK.




We then set off on our big trip, our Farewell to China tour...... details and pics of which can be seen by clicking here


We arrived in Abu Dhabi at the end of September and Tommy started work with ACC (Arabian Construction Company) the very next day! We still managed to find some time to hit the beach though!

After 6 weeks we moved into a flat in a fairly busy and bustling area of town.

At the time of writing (mid November) our residents permits are still being processed. Life in UAE is slow and frustrating compared to the (can't believe I'm saying this!) relative efficiency of China!


And then it was Christmas










and Pixie, Richard and Gabe came to visit








Tommy taught Saffron how to open beer cans...












it's famous for it's white tigers


and crazy firecrackers




In June Allie and Markus came to visit

and in August George came to visit us














and distract all his colleagues











Our new entrance way.



Saffron absolutely loved having visitors around to play with!

All three at a fort in Umm Al Quwain on our 4 day travels around the UAE



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