Firstly a HUGE thanks to everyone that contributed to the honeymoon fund - it was an absolutely amazing holiday and I'm not sure we'll ever be able to go back to our usual backpacking again. We had a mix of luxury hotels, budget hotels, overnight trains, busses and hired a driver for some of the time. We had completely fantastic food and to top it off saw some truly magnificent sights and had some great experiences.


Home of the Taj Mahal and our first stop - it was truly magical!

Walking into our suite and seeing the Taj Mahal outside our window was just breathtaking. Having a day of pampering at the spa which ended with a rose petal bath overlooking the Taj Mahal was pretty special!!!

congratulatory red roses from the hotel!

We went to the Taj at sunrise so there were very few other tourists around which was lovely!

the view from our suite!


1st view of the Taj Mahal from Agra fort

The "Honeymoon Photo!"

the hotel courtyard


Champagne and samosas!

looking towards our room

view of the pool from our room

our terrace with the Taj in the background

me in a rose petal bath!

Fatehpur Sikri followed by Bharatpur and Keoledo Ghana National Park

Farehpur Sikri old city

The Jama Masjid

At Keoladeo Ghana National Park we saw lots of wildlife, including sambar deer, antelopes, monkeys



Alu tikki seller in the market at Bharatpur


Marble screens

The park is famous for migratory birds so we were there at the wrong time of year but we still saw lots of peacocks, owls and native water birds



is known as the pink city - it has great winding backstreets with random little markets as well as fabulous sights in the form of Amber Palace, the City Museum, the observatory and the palace of the winds

Inside Amber Palace

Palace of the winds

Courtyard of our villa!


Bangles for sale at a stall in a back alleyway

Amber Palace

The peacock gate at the City Palace


Roadside water urn sellers - people collect water from miles away because water is scarce in Rajasthan

The Saffron garden

Rose petal bath - without Kirsty in it!

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