Tommy and Kirsty in 2005

- a snapshot (or 20) of the year


January - Kirsty's trip to Australia and Kirsty's birthday

In Australia I went to Sarah and Jeff's wedding - Sarah is now the second of the TRC girls to get married and may beat me on the baby thing as she's due a day before me!!


I stayed with Penny and Tim in Sydney








RUGBY WORLD CUP 7's - Tommy's sister Joanne and boyfriend Dave paid us a visit




One for the family album!!


Bondi beach babe!






Kirsty's birthday - Carumba's Hong Kong

Mmmmmmm Tequilla!!






The Evils at the 7's!

Then on to Sydney


Met up with Sarah and Jeff again in Sydney


I also met up with Alex, and old Manchester geographer in Sydney



Robert popped in for a margherita!!









Worse for wear?


Talek and Sapna's engagement party



Tommy was crowned most valuable player in the mens's E team





In may we went to India on honeymoon - for LOADS of pictures of that click on the pic above


Tommy taking the tram to a black tie dinner because of WTO traffic roadblock all over HK - the WTO stole Christmas in HK - Bah humbug to the WTO


The Evils - I was captain Evil again for the 2004-05 season - click on the team pic to see more pictures from our season


Warming up for a strenuous day dragon boating


Dragon Boat Team June 2005 (9 weeks pregnant!) Kirsty almost slap bang in the middle, Tommy with white hat on right behind me....


Us at the Valley End of Season Ball (10 weeks pregnant)


Tommy's uni friend Shane and his girlfriend Michela visited HK for a night


Kirsty and Rob (above) and

Tommy and Gina (below)

Evils end of Season party - I was crowned "Queen Evil" apparently a title that can never be taken from me!! Hmmm....

Receiving my end of season report!


  I also was awarded the Most valuable player in the Womens E team - do the Larmours make a great team or what!!!


First wedding anniversary, in the pouring rain in the Philippines - it was raining so hard we couldn't get out of the hotel to go to a different restaurant so we had dinner with Kirsty's work colleagues!!




Kirsty and the girlies - with Katie and Gina above and with Claire below





And since the summer we've been taking our social lives a pace slower - no hockey for Tommy as he's in China, no hockey for Kirsty as she's too huge to run around and weekends have been spent sorting the move or catching up with each other. Both of us have been extremely busy with work, Tommy with his new job for B&V as a senior contracts engineer in Guangzhou and Kirsty with freelancing environmental work in HK, China, the Philippines and Vietnam, in addition to running dolphin watching trips for schools in HK, sitting on the HK hockey association committee and playing in the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra.


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